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Hailsham Community Land Trust’s initial ambition is to build or acquire a modest number of homes over the next 3 years compliant with the trust’s stated aims of providing:

• Locally affordable homes to rent, or sold for shared equity/ownership, self-build or self- finish

• Homes for younger families and single people of working age

• Buildings with a minimal carbon footprint, and incorporating sustainable technologies to reduce cost in use


• To provide low cost affordable housing, built with a minimal carbon footprint

• To be available to and stewarded by the people of Hailsham in perpetuity

• To be built as an example to address the challenges posed by the declared climate emergency

• To encourage innovation for different ways of living, working, and playing together sustainably for the 21st century


Providing innovative, sustainable and affordable low carbon housing to address the challenge of a climate emergency – accountable to local people and the wider community

Our values

• Community ownership

• Respecting local needs

• Pride in Hailsham

• Community Participation

• Transparency in all projects

• Encouraging local self-sufficiency

• Respect diversity and disability

Our Membership options

Apply for membership of The Hailsham Community Land Trust: I am applying as:

  • An individual (Over 18 and living or working in the Hailsham area)

  • As a nominated representative of an organisation active in the Hailsham area

  • As an Associate Member ( You do not live or work in the Hailsham area and understand that you cannot benefit directly from the Hailsham Community Land Trust)

Simply email your details on the form below and we will do the rest

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